From intimate gatherings to grand-scale events, allow our team to provide you with an experience that will resonate in the memories of your guests.

Picture an intimate evening, enveloped in the unique atmosphere of our salons. Or perhaps, a spectacular feast under the stars, in the lush gardens of Mansion Criolla. Whatever your vision, we’re here to turn it into a dazzling reality.

With impeccable attention to detail and an unmatched focus on quality, every event at becomes a shimmering celebration. From the exquisite menu selections to the meticulous arrangement of decor, we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

TIMOTHY HATTON SALON: This impressive living room stands out for its brightness, provided by an exceptional skylight, and its floating staircase designed by the English studio Timothy Hatton. Eclectic in style, the library lounge captivates with its size, height and warmth. 

THE LIBRARY: This splendid salon transports us directly to the Belle Époque. The statues, the Empire table, and the Italian Renaissance armchairs in this salon are a tribute to the bourgeoisie’s fascination with classical antiquity. The statue of Poseidon evokes the revival of interest in Greek mythology, a cultural trend that also manifested itself in the arts and literature. It features a Blüthner grand piano.

GALLERIES AND HALL OF THE CHAPEL: The house has two galleries and a courtyard, perfect for cocktail parties, events and receptions. Between the two galleries, the Chapel Room beckons with its vibrant colours, Italian furniture and antique canoes transformed into bookshelves. Ideal for private lunches, dinners or as a space for coffee breaks. 

GARDEN WITH OLYMPIC POOL AND NORTHERN QUINCHO: The garden dazzles with its 25-metre pool and traditional northern-style barbecue area.